make masks at home

Instructions courtesy of Masks Across Nevada, a partner organization


Renown Medical Center has provided a sewing pattern and instructions to make their preferred style of mask. 
Please feel free to use the recommended pattern OR any pattern you find to make a mask is suitable.

Group members of Masks Across Nevada have shared their sewing insights and these material options have worked best:

Youth sizes, small, medium, large is all acceptable

100% Broadcloth cotton (quilter's cotton), muslin and lightweight flannel fabrics, 60% polyester/ 35% cotton blended fabric

INTERFACING (optional):
910 featherweight Pellon

1/4"-1/2" braided elastic, cut into 18"
1/4"-1/2" satin ribbon, cut into 18"
1/2" bias tape, cut into 18"
headband elastic (found at $1 store)
Swimsuit tubing, cut into 18"

Walmart-- some locations still provide fabric
JoAnns-- online only
Mill End Fabrics-- call-in orders only
Locals may be willing to share

When you are finished making your masks, please wash them with unscented detergent or a minimal amount of scented detergent in 
"quick speed cycle" or delicate, then place masks in dryer for 25 minutes- 40 minutes. When dry cycle is done, wash your hands, then place masks in clean food safe bags

These masks can be dropped off outside of Renown's Tahoe Tower OR  St. Mary's Hospital, Northern Nevada Medical Center, VA Medical Hospital, or West Hills Psychiatric Hospital at reception. You can also donate your finished masks to any institution of your choice, such as: nursing homes, daycares, grocery stores, public defense, and loved ones. 

How to Sew Masks

1 yard of fabric yields 12 lined masks

24  yards of elastic or ribbon per 12 masks

-print out pattern, add extra 1/4” all around the pattern (for seam allowance)

-fold your fabric in half (selvage going lengthwise) 

-fold your fabric in half again

-trace pattern with a pencil 

-pin the fabric together (this will keep the layers of fabric shifting when you’re cutting)

-cut your pieces out

-you should have 4 pieces, 2 pinned together

-take two pieces and pin them together, right side on top of right side 

-sew along the curved part

-sew again to the other piece 

-once you have the two pieces, lay them on top of each other, right sides still touching

-sew only the top of the mask and the bottom of the mask

-turn it out

-cut elastic or ribbon strips into 4 pieces at 12” lengths

-pin your strips at the corners of the mask

-stitch in place, run your machine along the edge

-fold over the edges TWICE (this will keep the edges clean)

-stitch along the edge TWICE or backstitch every end to secure the elastic

-tie elastic ends in a knot, trim excess

-trim loose threads

-throw all masks in the wash (some fabric suppliers will coat the fabric in a light pesticide when shipping overseas, fabric can collect dust when on the shelves and your pet’s hair could get on the fabric) then dry

-place in food safe plastic (ziploc bag) to keep clean-place in shipping envelope to anyone ️or submit a help request to deliver the masks