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The community is here to help

Help for individuals and Organizations


The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected communities across Washoe County and the state of Nevada. No one can face this adversity alone; if you have an immediate need, please use this page to voice your needs or to find the appropriate resources.


Food & Supplies

Our community response volunteers and sponsors can help you self-isolate at home or access items you and your family or organization need to survive:

  • Buy groceries or supplies

  • Deliver or pickup something

  • Specific personal or household items

  • Ready-made meals (for healthcare workers or those who cannot cook for themselves)

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Protective Gear

There is a critical shortage of medical-grade masks to protect people who are exposed. We’ve partnered with Masks Across Nevada to coordinate requests and production of homemade cotton face masks.

These masks are appropriate for healthcare workers facing equipment shortages, workers who face exposure to COVID-19, and those who are seniors or immuno-compromised.

More resources to protect yourself and others >>

Financial Assistance or Accommodation

Community sponsors are available to help you with paying specific bills or short-term financial assistance. Make sure that you check out our resources to understand what other assistance is available to you as well.

If you are are a frontline healthcare worker in need of accommodation to safely self-isolate from your family, we will try to help. Please submit the form below.