We are proud to partner with the following companies and organizations in an effort to help them achieve their goals.


good supply co.

The Good Supply Co. picks up, stores and distributes retail excess that would otherwise go to waste and distributes products to those in need. They provide products to philanthropic organizations and to the working poor and connect people to the supplies they need to make a better life. They have partnered with Wash-oe Hands to get important goods into the hands of individuals and charities that need them most in a safe and effective way. 


Masks across nevada

Calling all sewists! Help your community with mask shortages across Nevada. If you or someone you know can sew, then please join Masks Across Nevada in helping provide the community with the masks they need.

Masks Across Nevada is not an organization. It is a FB group to get people together, sew and share their tips.


Sierra Nevada Journeys

Sierra Nevada Journeys normally supports STEM learning in the outdoors, but has expanded their learning to offer STEM worksheets that you can do at home with your child, in English and Spanish. Some activities are also “grandparent” friendly, and can be done via phone or video chat to support a grandchild’s learning.


Washoe County Mutual Aid Solidarity Network

Washoe County Mutual Aid Solidarity Network is an all-volunteer grassroots network operating in Washoe County, Nevada, connecting with multiple coalition partners throughout the region.

We are creating a COVID-19 Mutual Aid Solidarity Network, comprised of different grassroots organizations, movements and organizers, who are committed to organizing mutual material support in the community.


If your organization would like to partner with Wash-oe Hands

We would love to help your organization to access technology and have greater impact. Please email us at hello@washoehands.com telling us a bit about what you have in mind.